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10 things to avoid after childbirth

10 things to avoid after childbirth

In the postpartum stage, a woman needs to get rest and stay away from stress until recovery, and there are some things that you should avoid during this period.

10 things to avoid after childbirth

After childbirth, a woman undergoes some hormonal changes until the body returns to normal, which lasts for up to two months.

During this stage, the woman should stay away from some things that could harm her health.

1- Excessive stress:

It is advised that the woman get rest during the postpartum phase, and not perform any strenuous household chores.
As the extra effort or carrying heavy things will reduce the chances of the organs and muscles returning to their normal state and delaying this matter, as rest helps stimulate blood circulation, glands and intestines until recovery.

But this does not mean sticking to bed throughout the postpartum period, so the mother can do some simple and light activities, and at the same time get the rest and the appropriate amount of sleep.

2- Follow a harsh diet:

Some women start adopting a harsh diet regimen immediately after birth to regain their fitness and former weight, which is wrong and negatively affects her health.

This does not mean not caring about healthy and healthy nutrition, but you should get all the nutrients that help it restore its health.
Women can follow a suitable diet that does not depend on deprivation, and it is preferable to consult a nutritionist about this.

3- Intercourse:

It is difficult for a woman to have intercourse during the postpartum period and bloodshed, as it can cause harm to her health, and cause vaginal infections and many health problems.

The damage is not only limited to the woman, it can also harm the health of the male genital area and genital area.

Therefore, intimacy should not be exercised during the postpartum period.

4- Lack of showers:

Some women fear bathing during the postpartum period, believing that bathing affects the wound.

But in turn, this can cause numerous health problems and skin infections due to a lack of attention to hygiene.

Women must clean the sensitive area well during the postpartum period, in order to protect the genital area from fungi, infections and itching

5- Exercising in extreme sports:

Also from the mistakes that are not recommended during the postpartum stage, as violent sport is considered stressful.

However, some simple and light exercise can be done after consulting a doctor.

The sport of hiking is one of the best ideal sports for this stage, provided that walking is a few distances, because walking for a long time will cause fatigue.

6- Tension and nervousness:

It is normal for a woman to experience mood swings during this stage as a result of the hormonal changes she undergoes.

The sudden and intense pressure after giving birth causes her to feel frustrated at times, which affects her health and speed of recovery.

During the postpartum period, the woman should avoid any stress and nervousness as possible.

7- Direct exposure to cold:

During the postpartum period, the woman is not in good health, as she is still recovering from the birth stage, which increases her chances of contracting various diseases.

Thus, exposure to cold air currents, especially after sweating, can cause a cold, which increases her feeling tired and exhausted.

8- Take some medications:

Some women think that analgesics and medications that reduce the amount of blood will be appropriate during the postpartum period, which is wrong.

As these drugs can affect their health negatively, as they interfere with breast milk, and may pose a risk to the health of the infant.

9 - Constipation injury:

Constipation leads to pain and severe cramps, and can cause hemorrhoids.

Because women in the postpartum stage are more likely to have constipation, it is recommended to eat foods rich in fiber, which reduce the chances of developing flatulence and constipation.

It is also recommended to drink warm fluids that improve the functions of the digestive system.

10- Being in crowded places:

As a result of a heavy blood house during the postpartum period, a woman may experience some embarrassing situations, so it is preferable not to be in crowded places during this stage.

Also, women need to change their sanitary pads at close intervals, so being at home will allow them to take better care of themselves.

Also, if you are in crowded places, the chances of catching a viral infection increase, especially with the weakening of the woman's immunity during postpartum.


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