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Causes and treatment of black pimples on the face

Causes and treatment of black pimples on the face

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There are several reasons that cause the looks of black pimples within the body, and black pimples are often eliminated by some medications. Learn more.

Black pimples are common skin problems, usually concentrated within the nose area, and causing an unpleasant appearance.

Blackheads appear on the face as a results of clogging of hair follicles, which results in blackheads.

As bacteria accumulate within the face, blisters form, causing redness and inflammation.

Causes of black blisters:

Hair follicles contain an oily number that produces oil called "sebum", which helps keep skin soft.

When dead skin cells and oils accumulate within the opening of the skin follicle, they cause white bumps or white heads to make .

When these bumps are exposed to air, they turn black.

Some factors help increase the probabilities of developing blackheads, namely:

1-Too much fat under the skin: a results of the character of oily skin.

2-Accumulation of bacteria on the skin: thanks to lack of interest in cleaning it.

3-Hair follicle irritation: this is often once you don't get obviate dead skin cells on a daily basis.

4-Hormonal changes within the body: that cause a rise in fat production in various stages like adolescence, during menstruation, or while taking contraception pills.

5-Take some medications: like steroids or androgens, causing increased fat production and blackheads.

6-Diet: Certain nutrients can help increase body fat production, like dairy products and carbohydrates.

Blackheads treatment:

There are some medical methods wont to treat blackheads, including:

Topical application: Many topical preparations are available for the treatment of black pimples, which kill bacteria and reduce excess fat.

Pimples removal tool: you'll also use a tool that helps get obviate black pimples, but this procedure must be done by a specialist.

Chemical peels: chemical peels also help remove clogged skin pores and obtain obviate dead cells that contribute to black blisters.

Lasers: Lasers are wont to reduce fat production and kill bacteria that cause blackheads

Natural recipes for black pimples:

Some natural prescriptions are often wont to treat blackheads, the foremost prominent of which are:

1bicarbonate of soda and water

Baking soda helps neutralize any pH imbalance within the skin, and also acts as a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and oils.

To use bicarbonate of soda on blackheads, mix two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and a couple of tablespoons of water together to make a paste.

After that the dough is applied to the world of black pimples, rub it gently, then rinse it with water.

It is advisable to moisturize the face after applying the recipe thereto , and don't use quite two days every week because it is preferable for people with sensitive skin to avoid it.

2- Cornstarch and vinegar

Cornstarch absorbs excess oil, while vinegar helps eliminate the discoloration caused by black pimples.

Mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and a touch little bit of vinegar until a thick dough forms.

Dough is applied to the world containing black pimples and left for 15-20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water then with cold water or an cube to shut the pores.

For best results, it's advised to use this recipe two to 3 times every week .

3- Honey

Honey is effective in removing blackheads and, at the same time, moisturizes the skin.

It is recommended to apply honey on a clean, dry face for 20 minutes, then rinse the face with warm water.

4- Egg and honey

An egg and honey mask is a perfect thanks to get obviate blackheads, and therefore the mixture are often applied everywhere the face.

Leave the mixture on the face until it becomes taut, then rinse with warm water.

5- Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil are often wont to get obviate black pimples on the nose and chin, where it says to kill bacteria.

Tea tree oil is out there during a number of products, like soaps and creams, or the oil are often utilized in liquid form.

Black pimples prevention methods:

To avoid blackheads, it's recommended to follow some tips and advice:

1- Regular washing of the face

The face should be washed before bed and after waking to urge obviate the accumulated oils that clog the pores.

However, it's not recommended to scrub the face quite twice each day as this causes skin irritation and dryness and increases the probabilities of acne.

A gentle cleanser is suggested to stop redness.

Some products also contain antibacterial and antiseptic components to assist get obviate bacteria and dirt.

2- Eat healthy foods

Avoid foods that cause excess body fat, like dairy, carbohydrates, and fatty foods generally .

3- Use oil-free lotions
Any product that contains oil can contribute to the looks of black pimples, so it's preferable to settle on oil-free products, be it cosmetics, creams, and sunscreen.

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