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Causes and treatment of internal fat in the groin

Causes and treatment of internal fat in the groin

Some women experience fat in the inner thigh, which is due to a variety of reasons. Here is the most important information about the topic.

Causes and treatment of internal fat in the groin

The inner area of ​​the thigh is one of the most common areas where fat appears in many women, which causes an unpleasant appearance, especially with the difficulty of getting rid of the fat of this region.

Causes of inner fat in the groin:

There are some reasons that lead to the accumulation of internal fat in the groin, and include:

Obesity: Fat accumulation is not limited to a specific area of ​​the body, but is also distributed in various areas, including the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, and others.

Sagging skin: When obese, the skin expands to absorb excess fat, and when weight loss occurs, the skin remains flabby in this area, where it is difficult to get rid of even with exercise.

Pregnancy and childbirth: During pregnancy, the body stores fat in specific areas to support it during pregnancy and breastfeeding, such as the back and the lower waist.
Where the body begins to store fats in these areas, because pregnancy and breastfeeding are stages that require significant energy, and these fats can be used when they are needed.

Methods to get rid of the inner fat in the groin:

Thigh inner fat loss is a difficult thing that requires you to do several procedures at once, and it includes:

1- Follow a diet:

Like fats in different parts of the body, inner thighs need a healthy diet to get rid of them.
But it takes time, because it is difficult to get rid of the fat of this region, and it is not one of the first areas where burning occurs.
You should stop eating fatty foods and sugars, and replace them with other healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
Also, drinking water improves the process of burning fat in the body because it helps get rid of toxins that hinder metabolism and burning.
It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water daily while following the diet.

2- Exercise:

If you follow a diet to lose inner thigh fat without exercising, the result will be unsatisfactory.

Where there will be sagging skin and signs of annoying cellulite will appear, and therefore it is necessary to exercise in conjunction with the diet.

Emphasis should be placed on leg exercises to promote fat burning in this area, the most prominent of which are:

Ball Exercise: Lie on the back with the arms extended on both sides, bend the knees and place a sports ball between them, then start pressing the ball in for 10 to 20 seconds, and repeat the exercise several times a day.

Squat Exercise: Stand on the ground, then start bending your knees forward and going down as far as possible with the arms extended forward.
It can also be applied with legs open and folded out while going down.

Wheel Exercise: Lie on one side and extend the lower leg to the ground, and start making movements in the upper leg clockwise and then counterclockwise, and repeat this exercise on the other side.

Inner thigh tightening: Lie on the back and raise the legs up without bending them, and start moving the right leg to the far right and then return to the original position again, and repeat the exercise with the left leg and move it to the far left.

This exercise repeats 15 times per leg

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