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Health Risks Of Smoking

Health Risks Of Smoking

Are We That Smoking Is Bad? Cigarettes is It harms almost every organ within your body It causes 20% of all deaths in the us Cigarettes often contain radicals like more and acetone, ammonia, arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, tar. Studies on smoking that indicate bad it is for you have an inclination with pipe smoking that includes none of these poisons of those poisons. The chart below shows there is a pipe, cigar or cigarette smoker to develop cancer of the lung in contrast to a non smoker. Cigarette 20 grams \/ day 16.0 Among the pipe smokers.

   non-smoker             Smoker's lung
Health Risks Of Smoking

The U. 8 for non inhalers and 1.0 for inhalers. What exactly does that mean, their research was using per mortality ratio of 1.0 since the mortality ratio to get a non smoker, and what they discovered is that pipe physicians which don't inhale possess a slightly lower mortality ratio meaning they live slightly longer. Smokers which don't inhale survive longer that smokers based on that study are needed by that. Making it clear that smokers need to change to pipes

Health Risks Of Smoking

The figure below shows the death rate for both men and women with lung cancer, and we find that men are higher than women.So smoking kills a large percentage of men in the world every year, while women find a small percentage of them.

Health Risks Of Smoking


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