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Wheat germ oil recipes for hair and skin

Wheat germ oil recipes for hair and skin

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Wheat germ oil is one among the hair and skin care oils, as an outsized number of individuals suffer 

from problems of damaged, dry, and fallen hair and other various problems, additionally to the issues of wrinkled skin, which shows signs of aging early and acne and pimples, so let's take a fast tour with you to understand the foremost important characteristics of nutriment oil which will be wont to treat hair and skin problems intimately .

Wheat germ oil recipes for the skin:

1- Skin freshness

Wheat germ oil plays an efficient role in providing the skin fresh and vital, because it are often employed by adding two tablespoons of fruit juice to the nutriment oil and mixing them together, then the mixture is placed on the skin for a minimum of 1 / 4 of an hour, after which it's rinsed with cold water, and it's advised to repeat these Recipe for effective results.

2- Treating dry skin:

Wheat germ oil is one among the house remedies that works to urge obviate dry skin, and it are often employed by adding a tablespoon of yogurt and honey to 2 tablespoons of nutriment oil and blend them together, then add a mashed pill of carrots, then the mixture is applied to the skin and left on Skin for a minimum of 1 / 4 of an hour, then rinse with lukewarm water, as this recipe works to guard the skin from wrinkles and therefore the signs of aging.

3- Eliminate dark circles:

A large number of women suffer from the matter of dark circles, as nutriment oil are often wont to get obviate dark circles by a tablespoon of burn plant gel and almond oil to nutriment oil and blend them together, then a capsule of vitamin E is added, after which individual The mixture round the eyes on the world of auras after exposing the skin to steam to lighten the pores, and leave the mixture on the skin for a minimum of a 3rd of an hour then rinse with cold water.

4- Get obviate dark spots:

Wheat germ oil are often wont to eliminate dark spots, by massaging the skin with circular movements, and it's advised to repeat this method a day to get satisfactory results.

Wheat germ oil recipes for hair:

1- Hair breakage treatment:

Wheat germ oil is employed to treat the matter of split ends by massaging the hair with it well from the roots to the ends, then its towel is moistened with predicament and wrapped within the hair, then left for a minimum of half an hour, then washed with water and therefore the preferred shampoo, and it's advised to repeat this method once hebdomadally to urge positive results.

2- Get obviate scalp dandruff:

Scalp dandruff is one among the most important problems affecting the hair, because it are often eliminated by using nutriment oil, by mixing copra oil with nutriment oil in equal quantities, then the scalp is massaged well, then the hair is washed after an hour with water and shampoo Preferred, as this method are often repeated a day to get a guaranteed result.

3- Hair intensification:

All girls dream of thick and long hair, as nutriment oil are often wont to achieve this dream, by mixing both nutriment oil, copra oil purgative and expressed almond oil in equal quantities, then the scalp is massaged with this mixture with fingertips, and is left on Hair for a minimum of an hour, then wash it with lukewarm water and favorite soap or shampoo, and it's recommended to repeat the recipe once every week to urge long and thick hair.

4- Get obviate white hair

Wheat germ oil is employed to urge obviate white hair, by adding three tablespoons of nutriment oil to a cup of yogurt, then the mixture is applied to the hair for a minimum of 1 / 4 of an hour, then washed with soap and water well, and therefore the recipe are often repeated hebdomadally .

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