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Gases during pregnancy: natural ways to get rid of them

Gases during pregnancy: natural ways to get rid of them

Abdominal gases are an annoying matter, especially during pregnancy, as they are accompanied by stomach pain and cramps, and some natural methods help get rid of them.
Gases during pregnancy: natural ways to get rid of them

The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, which causes a group of symptoms, and flatulence and gases are among the common symptoms during pregnancy, and these gases cause pain and abdominal cramps.

Causes of gas during pregnancy

Some causes lead to gases during pregnancy, and include:

1- The first months of pregnancy:
The levels of progesterone and estrogen levels increase significantly during the first months of pregnancy, in preparation for the development of the fetus.

When the hormone progesterone rises in the body, it causes the intestine to relax and slow down the digestive system, which increases gas.

Also, the high levels of the hormone estrogen will flow to the body to retain water and gases, and consequently bloating and contractions occur.

2- The second and third trimesters of pregnancy:
During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, some symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue fade, and some changes occur in the womb to accommodate the growing fetus.

As the uterus expands, it compresses the surrounding organs, causing digestive problems, such as constipation and contractions, at which time the chances of developing swelling and gas increase.

3- Infection with some health problems:
In the event of health problems during pregnancy, flatulence and abdominal gases can occur, and the most prominent of these problems are:

Constipation: A pregnant woman usually develops constipation and difficulty defecating, which increases swelling and gas.
Irritable bowel syndrome: This is a common medical condition that leads to cramps, swelling, diarrhea or constipation.
False labor: also known as "practice contractions", which are similar to labor contractions, and are in the third trimester of pregnancy, which are irregular contractions that do not take more than two minutes, and can cause swelling and gases

Natural methods to treat gases during pregnancy

Some lifestyle changes help treat gases during pregnancy, including:

1- Eat light and healthy foods:
You should avoid fatty and fatty foods that increase digestive disorders and bloating and gas, and it is advised to eat fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains to improve bowel function.

There are some other foods that cause gas, such as: fried foods, beans, cruciferous vegetables, dairy products, sugars, soft drinks, and caffeine.

Also, eating healthy food ensures maintaining weight and thus reducing pressure on the abdominal area, especially during the last third of pregnancy

2- Eat slowly:
Eating too quickly increases the chances of you swallowing air, which causes bloating and gas, so it is recommended to eat slowly and chew it well.

3- Drink more water
Water enhances the functions of various parts of the body, including the immune system, and therefore it is advised to drink more water to reduce stomach and intestinal disorders.

4- Doing light exercise:
Light and pregnancy-friendly aerobic exercise helps get rid of swelling and gas, such as walking.

Relaxation can also be obtained by doing yoga exercises to relieve the tension that causes abdominal disorders.

5- Wear comfortable clothes:
Tight clothing causes additional pressure on the abdomen, and thus leads to the accumulation of gases, and therefore it is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

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