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Important advice before starting to diet

Important advice before starting to diet

Some things help increase the rates of burning fat in the body and losing excess weight, so these things must be done before starting dieting
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Most people have difficulty losing excess weight, due to many reasons such as making some mistakes during dieting or not continuing, and to promote fat burning and excess weight loss, some important things must be done before starting the dieting.

1- Performing some analyzes:

There are a set of important tests that are preferable to be performed before starting the dieting to ensure that there is no health problem that impedes weight loss.
The thyroid gland analysis is one of the most important of these analyzes, as it is responsible for producing the hormones of hunger and satiety, and any defect that affects it will affect weight loss.
It is also recommended to carry out a diabetes analysis to ensure its regular levels in the body, because blood sugar disorders affect weight loss.
If there is any health problem, talk to the doctor about the appropriate diet for the condition.

2- Detox work for the body:

Detox helps rid the body of toxins that hinder fat burning, so it is advised to make detox before starting a diet.
This is by making green juice, which combines a group of vegetables and fruits such as parsley, green apple, spinach, celery and lemon juice. These components are mixed together, filtered and then eaten twice a week.
Thus, the body will be ready to burn more fat while following diet.

3- Measuring the weight:

Weight measurement is not limited to the number shown by the scale only, but we must know the details of weight gain, whether the amount of fat or fluid and muscle mass in the body, this helps in determining how many calories the body should get rid of, and thus choose the most appropriate diet.
It is also advised to know the measurement of the abdomen, arms, chest area, thighs and other areas where fat is accumulated, as this will help a lot in monitoring rates of burning and weight loss.
A balance scale should be available at home, which facilitates weekly weight monitoring.

4- Take a picture of the body:

One of the important things that must be done before starting the dieting, as it helps to increase the stimulation to continue following the diet and not stop it, as soon as the image is viewed daily, the enthusiasm for getting rid of excess weight will increase.

5- Evacuating the home from unhealthy foods:

Evacuation of the home should be done from any unhealthy food that causes an appetite opening or weak will while following a diet, and this applies to the various types of entertainment that can increase the weight if taken up.

On the other hand, the refrigerator should be filled with healthy foods that can be eaten when feeling hungry, such as fruits and vegetables.

6- Regulating sleep:

It is necessary to adjust the sleep regimen before starting dieting, as lack of sleep can hinder fat burning and weight loss as a result of the body hormones not being produced well.

Also, staying up late causes hunger and therefore increases the desire to eat at night, which leads to weight gain.


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