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Weight gain after marriage: causes and methods of prevention

Weight gain after marriage: causes and methods of prevention

There are many factors that help in gaining weight after marriage, whether for men or women, and this problem can be overcome in some ways.
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Overweight is one of the most troublesome problems experienced by men and women, especially after marriage, as the rates of overweight increase significantly due to several reasons
Reasons for weight gain after marriage

There are several reasons that lead to weight gain after marriage, and they include:

1- Lifestyle changes:

After marriage, the appetite for many dishes with the partner increases, and over time the nutritional pattern of both spouses changes, given the presence of another party sharing food.

The woman's lifestyle changes after marriage, as she cooks herself at home, and is keen to provide delicious foods for her husband and children.

2- Having sex:

The feeling of hunger increases after making an effort, and sexual intercourse is one of the things that stimulate hunger and the desire to eat, especially when having sex at night, as the couple can eat sweets that cause weight gain

3- Increasing stress levels:

As a result of the presence of many responsibilities of the couple, the feeling of stress and psychological stress will increase, which will stimulate food intake, as the tension causes changes in the metabolism, and therefore the weight increases easily

4- There is no time to exercise:

After marriage, the time becomes short for carrying out many of the usual activities before marriage, including exercise, as a result of increased burdens and daily requirements, especially after childbearing.

It is difficult for both spouses to go to the gym or even exercise at home.

5- Increasing visits and visits

The exchange of visits and moments increases after marriage, as the bride is keen to make feasts for her family, husband's family and close friends, and to present various items during these moments.

6- Change hormones in the body:

Marriage leads to changes in body hormones, which reduces levels of fat burning, especially for women, as it passes through the stages of pregnancy and childbirth that cause weight gain and fat in the body.

7- Age:

With age, hormone-stimulating levels of fat decrease, and so increase the chances of weight gain in men and women.

Ways to prevent weight gain after marriage:

Some methods can be used to reduce the chances of gaining weight after marriage, including:

-Searching for healthy food options: It is recommended to develop a healthy eating plan that satisfies the couple rather than resorting to unhealthy foods that cause weight gain, and with time they will both get used to eating healthy foods.

-Set aside time for exercise: Exercise should be considered a part of the daily routine that cannot be abandoned to maintain and prevent weight gain.

-Drink more water: Drinking large quantities of water helps increase the metabolism in the body and burn fat.

-Sleep early and wake up early: The hunger hormone rates fall asleep early and vice versa, and getting enough periods of sleep helps maintain body hormone levels.

-De-stress: You should stay away from sources of stress, and in case of feeling stressed and depressed, it is recommended to practice yoga exercises that help you relax and de-stress.
Write : Afinis Rachid /date:2020/24

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