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Does your child lack some nutrients?

Does your child lack some nutrients?  

Is your child's mind distracted at home and school? This may be because his daily meals lacked some of the nutrients needed for his growth.
Does your child lack some nutrients?

You may be wondering if your child is getting all the nutrients necessary for their proper development, you can know this by noticing signs of common undernutrition in children.

Here are some signs of undernutrition in children:

Excessive calm:

Toddlers are known to have boundless energy, but if your child is more interested in watching TV on the sofa than he is interested in playing in the garden, this may be a sign that he is iron-deficient or even anemic.
Signs of iron deficiency are fatigue, lack of motivation, apathy and laziness.

Depression and anxiety:

Is your child frustrated all the time, despite all your attempts to make him happy? Depression and anxiety in the brain may be caused by a lack of protein in the body.

As the protein contains amino acids, which the brain uses to create neurotransmitters, the balance of these vectors is maintained by serotonin and endorphins, which increase happiness and tranquility instead of depression and anxiety

A healthy diet with a good full protein intake is the solution to correct this nutritional deficiency.

Dry skin:

If there is no lotion that soothes your baby's dry skin, do not assume that the weather factors are the cause, a lack of vitamins may be the problem as well.

This problem can be overcome by increasing the inclusion of your child's dish with foods rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, and vitamin D.

Delayed speech:

Late speech may be related to a deficiency of vitamin B12.

You can include your child's meals with some foods rich in vitamin B12, such as: beef, chicken, fish, shellfish, dairy products, and eggs.
Your child's constipation may indicate that he has not consumed enough soft fibers for the digestive system.

Your pediatrician may recommend consuming fiber supplements, or include his daily meals with foods rich in fiber, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, or shaken milk.

Attention deficiency:

If your child's focus is somewhat dispersed, it may be caused by a low zinc level.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that attention deficit in children may be linked to a decrease in its zinc levels.

You can overcome zinc deficiency by including your child's meals with some zinc-rich foods such as meat, some vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

Weight loss:

Weight loss can be caused by a poor eating pattern, poor food absorption, or a less common health condition that increases your metabolic rate.

It is worth noting that if you notice your child is overweight, you should seek medical advice.       

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