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Exercise is not recommended

Exercise is not recommended  

Exercise helps maintain a healthy body and avoid many health problems, but in some cases, exercise should be stopped.     
Exercise is not recommended

Exercise is an important issue for health, and therefore it is necessary to continue to do it daily, but there are some cases where it is not recommended to exercise because it can harm health.

1- Fever infection

Fever needs total rest, and exercise is not preferred because it increases body temperature.

Often fever is caused by viruses that infect the respiratory system, and these diseases need the rest of the body, as exercise causes pressure on the body, which hinders the fight against the disease.

2- The presence of an injury to the body

Most injuries require that the affected area not be moved until the condition does not worsen. For example, if a shoulder injury occurs, it must remain in position without movement to avoid any serious complications, and this applies to any injury in different parts of the body.

But in some cases, the doctor asks the patient to do light exercises to move the muscles and increase flexibility during healing so as not to get stiff and stiffening.

Care must also be taken after recovering from any injury, as the return to exercise is gradual.

3- The occurrence of twisting during exercise

In the event of an ankle, leg or arm sprain during exercise or any activity that requires physical exertion such as climbing or skiing and other activities, you should stop exercising and not put pressure on the body unless after consulting a doctor.

4- Sleep deprivation

Exercise is not allowed without getting enough sleep because it can cause serious complications due to low energy levels in the body.

It is advised to get enough sleep well for at least 7 hours to increase energy and the ability to exercise various daily activities, including sports.

5- After eating

It is preferable to wait for two to three hours after eating, and then you can exercise without worry, as exercising immediately after eating can lead to digestive problems.

In any case, the ability to exercise after eating decreases because it causes stomach stress.

6- Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not considered an impediment to exercising, but you should consult with the doctor who follows the pregnancy first, there are some cases where a pregnant woman is prevented from exercising such as unstable pregnancy or the presence of any health problems that a woman can affect the fetus.

In the event that exercise is permitted during pregnancy, the doctor's instructions should be followed regarding choosing the appropriate exercises and not making a lot of effort during exercising.

7- Feeling hungry

Feeling hungry means the body needs food to obtain energy, and therefore it is not preferred to exercise until a light meal is given, giving the body the energy necessary to exercise, and after two hours can exercise

8- Infection with some health problems

Some diseases require caution in exercising because extreme stress can affect health, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor about exercising to know the important instructions and choose the appropriate sports for each health condition. 

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