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Recommendations forTo slim down the belly

Recommendations for To slim down the belly

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Before going to medical solutions, we advise you to follow these tips:

1- Check the speed of your metabolism

Metabolism (metabolism) is a chemical process that occurs in the body in which the food we eat is converted into "fuel", in order to derive the energy we need for our daily activity.

And the basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories that our body burns naturally every day in a state of rest, and it is recommended to check the speed of this process for you, because by this you can know the number of calories that must be consumed daily to maintain weight or reduce it to lose it.

2- Calculate your calorie burning rate

If you do not spend all day sitting, but you do different types of physical activities, it is preferable to examine more accurately the amount of calories you need according to the type of activity you do, for example, people who sit throughout the day at work need fewer calories.

3- Regular physical activities

Studies have found that exercising 3-5 times a week increases metabolism even during rest.

Do more exercise, walking two miles a day will:

  • It greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and early death.
  • It burns extra calories and belly fat, which is what the tummy tuck never does and topical fat reduction methods.

4- Belly exercises and strength exercises

One kilogram of muscle burns nine times more calories than a kilogram of fat, which is why you persist in strength training. In addition, strength training will help you to overcome the slowdown in metabolism caused by aging.

5- Do not follow the "U-Diet" diet.

The "Yu You Diet" diet is the condition in which you do not maintain your weight, but rather try to increase your weight and reduce it, respectively, and it is one of the most dangerous and most harmful diets for metabolism, and the reason is that weight loss causes a decrease in fat and muscle mass, but when it increases Again, this is often due to increased fat, which, as mentioned above, slows down metabolism and does not burn calories.

6- Belly slimming and food options

Avoid high-sugar and high-fat foods, as they are high in calories. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products. These are high in dietary fiber, need more time to eat them and possibly satiate you more.

7- Eat a snack at night

Have you always convinced yourself that in order to maintain weight we prefer not to eat after eight o'clock in the evening? Recent studies have found that eating a snack that contains 150 calories 30 minutes before bedtime, in addition to the daily ration of calories, helps to stimulate the metabolism in the morning, and for best results the night snack should include proteins (such as low-fat milk or Cottage cheese).

Belly slimming methods

If these recommendations fail to help you, do not worry, technology and science will provide you with a means to reduce and tighten the belly:

Sagging skin: When it comes to a simple situation such as a little sagging skin, especially in the navel area and the accumulation of fat in a small amount under it, there is a possibility to improve the appearance of the belly by innovative devices that rely on the incorporation of different energies such as light, radio waves and ultrasound, and the abdominoplasty is performed by a series of Treatments are made in the clinic, where a recovery period is not needed, the process does not involve pain and normalization is possible immediately after treatment.

Fat accumulation: When it comes to the accumulation of non-large amounts of fat in the abdominal area, it can be dissolved by treatments using some devices in specialized clinics, as there are many devices currently, which work by ultrasound energy and that can dissolve the excess fat.

Questions related to special cases

Here we will review some of the questions and answers about losing weight in special cases:

1- What can be done to slim down and tighten the belly in the event of an increase in the percentage of fat with a slight relaxation of the skin?
Thanks to new developments and technologies, improvement in even such cases can be achieved with simple medical procedures. Like a process that includes:

Making a number of small cracks a few millimeters long, laser energy or radio waves are inserted through a thin tube under the skin.
Heat the lower layer of skin and the interior, causing existing collagen to shrink and revitalizing tissues to produce new and more vital collagen.
Fat blocks can also be thawed and made the skin more firm with a device such as Levo Lite.

2- What should be done in the case of excessive skin or excessively large fat and not treatable by the methods that we described previously?

In these cases it is necessary first to get rid of the excess skin, and the skin hardening and shrinking techniques we mentioned earlier cannot be used for the purpose of slimming and tightening the belly, but the excess skin is removed through a lateral incision in the lower abdomen, which is in a position that can be hidden under the underwear, and depends The length of the incision depends on the amount of excess skin. The recovery period is usually one to two weeks and depends on the type of surgery.

As for when there is an excess of fat, it can be cured by liposuction, and liposuction is currently being treated using several methods, including:

 Standard liposuction, using lasers and radio waves, and even combining them.
Through a device capable of dissolving fat mass that depends on radio waves and lasers and works on liposuction and melting at the same time, which is the newest method.

Abdominoplasty is the ideal solution to obtain a flat, taut abdomen, free of skin and excess fat, and the popularity of this surgery is known mainly among women after the completion of deliveries in their lifetime. However, it should be noted that tummy tuck surgery itself is not a solution to obesity. Therefore it is often preferred to combine the stretching process with liposuction, which would also enable obese people to successfully undergo this process.
An important feature of all of the above is that liposuction and shrinkage of the skin can be achieved at the same time, without prolonging the surgery time.

Get rid of belly fat in modern ways

1- BodyTite slimming the belly

Dissolving belly fat by using radio waves to treat excess skin and abdominal skin without surgery is the Body Tite method. It is an easy and comfortable process with a minimal amount of risks and side effects, and BodyTite is very suitable for cases where there is not much excess skin and there is not a large fat mass.

This technique does not need surgery and is carried out under local anesthesia only, and it allows to dissolve the fat in the desired area using radio wave energy, and this method enables to dissolve the fat in a greater quantity than any other method, and within a very short time.

Radio waves heat up uniformly and rapidly and dissolve the fat, and at the same time the device sucks out the dissolved fat out, where it is in the liquid state, and the skin tightening process is done by an external electrode.

2- the belly tuck by combining radio and suction waves

It is a modern, totally non-invasive method that takes place through the innovative (REACTION) device for belly tuck, which combines radio and suction waves! This treatment encourages the body's natural growth system to bring about improvement in sagging skin and stretch marks in a safe and effective way. The device's unique feature is that the new innovation in the radio wave transmission process to stimulate collagen fibers, elastin and fibroblasts to increase collagen production.

This process improves the appearance of the skin and works to treat the sagging belly sagging, as it appears taut and more flexible. The merging technique includes three different operations, which are:

  • Deep tissue heating.
  • Mechanical tension.
  • Mechanical massage of tissues.

In short, plastic surgery is not enough to get the body you want, whether it is treatment by modern devices or by surgery, but it is also important to follow a healthy lifestyle, to maintain the results for a long time.

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