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Are gags useful in treating coronavirus?

Are gags useful in treating coronavirus?

With the spread of the new Corona virus, many people are keen to follow various preventive methods, including wearing a muzzle, so are they useful?
With the spread of the new Corona virus, many people are keen to follow various preventive methods, including wearing a muzzle, so are they useful?

The information we hear about masks worn on the face to protect against viruses varies, and with the spread of the Corona virus during this stage, we must make sure that the information about facial masks is correct and is it useful or not.

Uses of the muzzle:

Before determining the usefulness of the muzzle, its basic uses must be known, including:

Not transmitting the infection to another person: If a person has an illness that causes the infection, he must wear a muzzle in order not to transmit the infection to the people around him.

Doctors in the hospital: Most doctors and health care workers are keen to wear face masks in hospitals as a result of their frequent treatment with patients, and they are also aware of the correct use of the muzzle.

Being in crowded places and gatherings: Although the mask does not play an effective role in preventing infection, it is advised to take it in the presence of crowded places and gatherings to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Also, wearing a muzzle in public places can cause the surrounding people to stay away from you, which reduces the chances of infectious diseases.

Does the type of muzzle affect its effectiveness?

Of course, there is a difference between a common and widely used muzzle, and a muzzle that contains fine filters and filters.

As the traditional mask does not protect against viruses with small molecules, it can easily be interrupted like the emerging corona virus.

As for the muzzle equipped with filters such as the N95 muzzle, which was developed to prevent swine flu, it is considered more effective in reducing infection, however its effectiveness is very small and will not prevent the disease completely.

Muzzle damage

Alternatively, the mask can cause infection, if used incorrectly.

Where some people touch the muzzle by the hand, after contamination by infection, and in the event that the hand is not washed, the infection will be transmitted to the body easily.

Also, reusing the muzzle can increase the chances of transmission rather than avoiding it, and therefore it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as it is taken off, and it should not be worn again.

The biggest disaster is not to consider the muzzle a personal tool and share it with others, this means the transmission of bacteria and viruses to more than one person.

How to benefit from the muzzle?

To get the most out of the muzzle in preventing infection, it is advised to follow the following guidelines:

Choosing the most effective muzzle: The most effective muzzle is best used in the prevention of infection, which contains filters, as it can reduce the access of bacteria and viruses to the nose and mouth more.

Not to take off the muzzle from the face: After wearing the muzzle, you must remain on the face all the time until you go back to the house and get rid of it, but if you move it from its correct place for easy talking to another person, this means that you are putting yourself at risk.

Follow the correct method to take it off: The muzzle must be removed from its rubber that wraps around the ear, after wearing gloves and disposing of them, then put them in a plastic bag and gloves, and put them in the trash.

Follow other preventive measures: Wearing the muzzle on the face does not mean neglecting other protections, which are more important than the muzzle, such as washing the hand frequently and not shaking hands with people around, kissing or approaching them.

Also, be sure to sterilize hands with ethyl alcohol by 70%, and avoid contact with various surfaces as much as possible while outside the home.

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