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Ways to eliminate viruses at home

Ways to eliminate viruses at home

Viruses cause many health problems, and there are many methods that can be followed to eliminate viruses that spread on rooftops at home.
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Viruses are easy to spread on various surfaces of the home, and thus increase the chances of infection with many diseases caused by these viruses, after touching these surfaces and then placing the hand on the face.

To overcome viruses at home, things that are touched several times a day should be considered, such as door handles, taps and sinks, cabinet handles, refrigerator doors, lighting switches, remote controls, tablets, and more.

The best ways to eliminate viruses at home

Here are effective ways to eliminate viruses at home.

1- Chlorine or bleach

Chlorine is considered one of the most effective substances in killing viruses at home, but it must be diluted before using it, so that adding ¼ cup of bleach per gallon of one cold water, and for small packages, 4 teaspoons of regular chlorine bleach are added to a liter of water, but Be sure to follow the directions on the ovary label.

Dilute chlorine is left on the surfaces for 10 minutes if used on surfaces that will not damage it, this can be confirmed by reading the label.

Chlorine should be used within 24 hours, as its ability to cleanse will fade over time, but it should not be used on the skin in order not to cause numerous health problems.

2- Alcohol

Alcohol is an effective virus killing agent, and it is diluted with water or aloe vera gel to make hand sanitizer, but be sure to maintain a 70% alcohol concentration to kill viruses.

Alcohol is left on the surface for 30 seconds, including cell phones, to ensure viruses are killed.

Alcohol containers should be closed immediately after use to prevent evaporation, and they will maintain their strength and effectiveness in killing viruses if they are tightly closed unlike chlorine.

It is not recommended to use 70% alcohol solution on hands, because it can harm it and cause dryness, as it is not used as a substitute for washing hands with soap and water.

3- Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is mostly available at a concentration of about 3%, and it can be used as is or reduced to a concentration of 0.5% for effective use against viruses on surfaces.

When using hydrogen peroxide to clean surfaces from viruses, it is left for a minute before wiping.

Generally speaking, different cleaning materials should not be used at the same time, because some cleaning materials release dangerous and toxic gases when mixed.

How to use cleaning materials

Gloves should be worn before using cleaning agents, then dip a cloth in the mixture and start wiping the various surfaces well.

In the case of cleaning kitchen surfaces that come in contact with food, it is recommended to rinse them with warm water and dry them after using the cleaning materials.

Care must also be taken not to contact these materials with skin and eyes, and to reduce their use in sinks and stainless steel surfaces.

It is best to test the material on a small part of the surface before applying it completely to it to ensure that it does not cause damage or leave stains behind.

To eliminate viruses in the home, it is recommended to clean surfaces once to twice daily.

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