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What does home stone mean?

What does home stone mean?

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Reducing epidemic outbreaks


To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, public health authorities are seeking to set several directions that reduce the spread of these diseases, such as medical isolation, home quarantine, or social exclusion.

Domestic stone


It is a practice that aims to limit contact with people suspected of contracting the disease with others. Domestic quarantine may be voluntary or compulsory by the public health authorities to limit the spread of infectious diseases.

The difference between insulation and quarantine


Sanitary isolation is for patients diagnosed with infectious disease. As for quarantine, it is for people who have had contact with infected people or have returned from the affected countries, meaning that their disease is not confirmed.

Public health authorities may impose home quarantine on all members of society to reduce and limit the spread of infectious diseases.

What is social exclusion?


Social exclusion simply means separating and restricting the movement of people, even if they do not have the disease, and it is one of the most effective strategies in protecting the public from disease.

Duration of home stone


Usually, the home quarantine period lasts for 14 days from contact with a person with the disease, or as required by public health authorities.

Domestic disinfection during the stone and the spread of epidemics


Always clean and disinfect surfaces from viruses and bacteria with sterile solutions.

Cleaning sanitary surfaces with home bleaching solutions is also essential.

Preventive measures during home quarantine


Keep your hands regularly washed with soap and water for 20 seconds or with alcohol sterilizers.

Avoid sharing personal items such as dishes, drinking glasses, towels, beds or other items at home.

What to do if you suspect that you have caught the infection?


Isolate yourself in a separate room and do not share the same bathroom with family members. Do not mix with elderly and low-family members of your family.

When to seek health care?


If the following symptoms begin to appear, such as coughing, fever, or trouble breathing, you should contact the doctor in care or the designated emergency number immediately.

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