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This blog originated with unremitting efforts from Rachid Afinis, a university student in Morocco who graduated from the University of Casablanca in English literature.

He loved electronic blogging and turned towards enriching the English content with all that is useful and new in the field of health, body and natural beauty. Ease of access.
He worked a lot on developing this scientific blog as a base and infrastructure to offer useful and valuable content in the field of body health and natural beauty.

As this structure provided speed in downloading topics, ease of movement in addition to good appearance and good coordination.
It was my start with this blog, in which I worked to publish many of the various topics and specialized in the field of body health and natural beauty in its various sections and topics:

Blog usahealth : guaranteed

- health


-wight loss

-Hair Loss




 Let's highlight the most important medical topics attached to documented and guaranteed scientific references.
 To publish what is useful in many sciences and knowledge and what can increase the general culture of the visitor and familiar with this section.

Blog history:

The Health Blog arose at the end of 2019 to begin its advice in scientific publishing and medical documentation in the field of health, body and natural beauty on Blogger platform that is provided by Google as a free platform to publish articles and blogs and archive them on search engines after they meet the basic conditions for admission to the publishing and archiving system that many of search engines.

Then, in 2020, the Health Code launched with new ideas and diverse and purposeful scientific news.
The blog was exposed during the first period of its work to a lot of technical problems and also faced many difficulties in solving it, but that did not detract from the author’s determination or defame his interest, but he continued the research using his spare time and his computer exclusivity from his companions to solve these problems and transfer this blog and this site to what you see Today is before you and what is available in your hands.

Communication with the site administration:

Health and beauty also added to his site pages for the site to facilitate service and communication. You can always contact the site administration:
Contact form.
 Privacy Policy page.
As the Privacy Policy page expresses the rules and laws applied on the site for visitors, the Arab Technology website shows you the terms of use of the site and it is in accordance with the official and correct conditions of Google.
In addition to the Contact Us page, which is related to communicating with the site's mail in case of any inquiries, complaints or comments.
The Arab Technology Blog confirms its preservation of copyright and use.
In case of any inquiries you have, we hope to write to the site.
Wish you all the best

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